Dear east coast people

Some of us are a bit behind. When it’s 8 PM your time, it’s only 5 PM our time. We are just sitting down to dinner and finishing up homework while you watch shows like American Idol and Survivor. Once we’re done with that we have a few minutes to catch up on blogs and message boards before our favorite shows come on. When you post about these shows on your blog and the posts are going to contain spoilers, please please please think of your west coast (and anywhere in between) neighbors who still have a few hours left before these shows air for them. Leave a warning. Any warning will do… (heck, send it in the form of Kentucky Derby party invitations for all I care…) as long as you note that your post will contain spoilers. It is kind of frustrating to have the ending spoiled on a show you’re really anticipating. It happens every year. Maybe I’ll just boycott blogs and message boards on the day of any season premier or finale. πŸ˜‰

Yours truly,

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