Thursday Thirteen #17 – Things left to do before Christmas

Thursday Thirteen
Thirteen things I have to do before Christmas

  1. Laundry. Has anyone else noticed how often freakin’ laundry pops up on my Thursday Thirteens? Sheesh.
  2. Wrap about 20 more presents. Maybe less.. wait.. no.. maybe more. Crap.
  3. Apparently I need to organize how many Christmas presents I have and who is getting what.
  4. We still have to purchase 3-4 more gifts. I guess I’ll know the number for sure after I do some organizing.
  5. Get drunk. OK not really.. but it’d be fun.
  6. Bake cookies.
  7. Learn how to bake a real pumpkin pie then actually do it. I might make my husband do this since this is HIS idea.
  8. Thaw out the turkey. How long does it take for a 25.5 LB turkey? Crap. (Internet to the rescue, here’s a table for thawing a turkey.)
  9. Figure out where we stored some of our seasonal pots/pans after we moved to this house in February.
  10. Clean the house from top to bottom, again, and again, and again. Darn kids.
  11. Find the few ornaments Cody took off the tree and stashed. Little stinker.
  12. Learn how to use our video camera. It’s soooooo confusing. And Jack rarely lets me touch it. Pffft.
  13. Send out Christmas cards. Yes I know, we’re pretty late on this and they likely won’t get there before Christmas.. but oh well. I’m a busy working mom. People will get over it… or they won’t. At least they’ll get something from us that’s custom made. 🙂

I could probably think of thirteen thousand more things to do, one of which is re-arranging our furniture. We’re thinking of getting one of these plasma tv stands so we can put our big entertainment center back together and set up in the living room (it’s sectional so right now it’s set up as a separate TV stand and a china cabinet, which is pretty but I miss having the light bridge on it which is currently stored in our attic) *takes deep breath* but really it’s a stupid thing to worry about now. It’s just something I think would work better with a bunch of people in this house on Christmas eve… Arg. Why do I stress on the silliest things??

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