Bullet Sunday #14 birthdays and storms

  • Today Kevin’s girlfriend threw him a surprise birthday party. It was a major surprise because we (Jack and I) didn’t even know about it until the last minute. She invited a bunch of his friends from his drama club at school, and a bunch of her family and friends of her family that he knows pretty well. Once I got over the shock that she’d go through all that trouble and not include us in the plans, I was thoroughly impressed with how well she put this thing together. Kevin was very shocked and surprised and loved every minute of it. Plus he still gets to go out to dinner at his favorite restaurant tomorrow with us, his girlfriend, and his best friend tomorrow night on his actual birthday. His sweet 16 will be a two day affair!
  • We went grocery shopping at Winco today. I avoid shopping there as much as I avoid shopping at Wal*Mart. I guess it’s because.. well, it’s like shopping at Wal*Mart on a smaller scale, and without all the departments. There’s too many people, not enough staff and what few staff they do have aren’t very friendly. But what I hate the most is having to bag my own groceries. You can’t beat the prices so I toughed it out just this once. It was nice that Kayla watched the kids for us while we went so at least we weren’t dragging bored kids along.
  • With the “special weather statement” I just received in my email today, I’m tempted with the whole Arizona thing again. It looks like we’re in for more wind and rain this week and after what we went through a couple weeks ago, this isn’t good news. There’s still many areas recovering from floods and landslides. Even though we’re not dealing with anything like that personally, after all the shopping and holiday hustle and bustle in this weather I could use a break from being out in the cold and rain. An Arizona bed and breakfast sounds really nice. I just wish if we were going to have yucky weather it was at least in the form of snow.
  • Other than grocery shopping and Kevin’s surprise party, not a whole lot went on this weekend. This makes for boring blogging. So I’ll leave you with my new favorite Christmas song. (So what if it’s a little “twisted”.) If you’re a Led Zeppelin fan as much as I am (and yes I know Zeppelin played live in London December 10, 2007… I would have given a kidney to see that!) I’m sure you’ll love this too. Right click and “save as” please. 🙂

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