Doggone Doggies

You all know I have two golden retrievers: Randy a 5 year old male, and Kendra a 2 year old female. I’ve posted about Kendra’s perching habits before and this week Kendra has discovered two new places to perch. We covered our patio table and she decided that meant it’s now hers, and the board next to our BBQ’s makes a great perching spot:

Kendra perching on the patio table By the BBQ's

I also mentioned the other day that Randy is allergic to fleas. One bite causes him to go completely insane and he starts chewing his skin bloody and ripping his fur out. When he chews on his skin it gets infected and I have to take him to the vet for antibiotics. That’s what I did Wednesday. The vet scoured him for fleas and couldn’t find a single one. He gave him a steroid shot to relieve the itching and the usual antibiotics. We are both at a loss for why he is having a breakout now, but we seem to go through this once a year. I came home, washed their dog beds, vacuumed, then inspected Kendra. She doesn’t have fleas either. Maybe a rogue flea bit from being outside or something. Randy was visibly feeling better by Wednesday night and he’s hardly scratching and chewing at all now.

Yesterday I took them both to the groomers. Normally I groom my own dogs including baths but I do it outside. It’s too cold to do that now. I wanted to be sure they were clean before I applied another round of Frontline. I only had one application of the Frontline so I stopped by our local feed mill where I normally buy our dog food. Frontline has gone up considerably in price. I was not happy about this and I figured they were over-pricing it so I waited till I picked the pooches up from the groomer to see what they had it for. They were almost $10 MORE. Suddenly the feed mill’s price didn’t seem so bad and that’s where I ended up purchasing it.

Now, Kendra is scratching and biting herself like mad. She didn’t sleep well last night.. she kept waking up and panting. (Hmm.. maybe that’s why *I* didn’t sleep well last night.) I know going to the groomer’s is stressful and it could be that. I have looked her over and don’t see any fleas and her skin looks fine. The only thing I can think of is her coat is thick and getting baths always loosens up her undercoat and she sheds like mad for a few days after.

It appears I can’t win this weekend between the itchy dogs and messy kids! 🙂

One thought on “Doggone Doggies

  1. Sorry about your suffering pooches! Maybe the baths dried them out a bit and that’s what got her started itching? I love their perching spots. Great places to sun themselves.

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