Fun in the Fall

When I was a child there was a brief time when my mother was married to my sister’s dad (my step dad) where we lived in a house that had a lot of trees in the yard. I remember spending a couple autumns at this house raking those leaves into big piles. I remember the hard work and the blisters on my hands. But most of all, I remember getting as many leaves as we could into the biggest pile we could then jumping into the pile. We didn’t live in that house very long and future houses did not have trees like that. I missed it.

Casey and Cody is this like shoveling in a snow storm? the dogs think it's fun too nice jump blanket of leaves Sissa and Casey in a bed of leaves

Our last home had a couple trees but none with big leaves. Mostly the kind that you don’t have to bother raking because they break down so quickly after falling. This is our first fall in our new house and it’s a whole new story. There are lots of trees and lots and lots of leaves. This fall my kids are experiencing how much work AND how much fun it can be.

That was only a weeks worth of leaves and only part of what is in our yard. I’m confident there will be plenty of more of this in the days ahead. I’m not complaining.

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