Bullet Sunday #6

  • I don’t feel old enough to be the stepmother of someone who is graduating from high school. But alas, I am. Kayla will graduate THIS year! Her class is doing a fund raise for their senior party. If you’d like to purchase a poinsettia and you live locally, I’m sure she’d appreciate it!
  • I have no idea what to get Kayla for a graduation present. Someone a while back suggested a car. Haha. I’d love it if we brought in the kind of money that would allow us to purchase cars for our children, but with as many kids as we have, it’s just not going to happen. Especially since we can barely keep up on the paid-for cars we already have. I have two gold bracelets that Jack gave me some years back that I wear every day and cherish, but I’m not sure if jewelry is the way to go. At least we have a few months to think about it.
  • Are you decorating for Halloween? We are. I love how easy it is to decorate this house. This house has so much curb appeal already… adding any sort of decoration just adds to it. Unlike our old house which didn’t even have a decent finished yard. I can’t wait to see what this house will look like with our Christmas decorations!
  • Speaking of this house, two of the light bulbs burned out in our downstairs half bathroom. They are these small halogen tube lights that fit into a decorative fixture. We could not find replacements for those anywhere. One place finally had them (clear across down) but they wanted $10 each. Um, no. Turns out we can use another type of bulb much cheaper thankfully. Once we solved that mystery the track lighting on our stairs decided to stop working. We thought it might be the bulb, (again another funky bulb to replace but these were much easier to find) but that didn’t work. So we’re not sure what’s up with it. As much as I love this house, the lighting sure is strange.
  • Our friend gave us a copy of the entire first season of Heroes. I’m not sure whether to thank him or yell at him. We’ve been glued to our TV watching episodes whenever we can. This is an AWESOME TV show. Why didn’t anyone tell me?? We were up till 2 AM last night and 1 AM the night before watching it. Zzzzz. But we’re almost caught up and can start watching it this season as it airs.

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