Bullet Sunday #3 – Survivors

  • Sisterhood – The theme of this year’s Komen Survivor Celebration Luncheon was sisterhood. This should have been perfect, considering my sister’s recent diagnosis and surgeries. She’s now a survivor and it was pretty important for us to go to this luncheon this year.
  • Disappointment – That’s how I felt about this year’s survivor luncheon. Our meal choice was salad or the same salad with a chunk of unpleasant looking salmon thrown on top. Ick. My mom, sister, and I just had the salad without the salmon. None of us are seafood eaters. They used to always have really good chicken dishes. But that was a small disappointment. It just felt like they went through the motions this year instead of really celebrating the survivors. The worst part was the extremely boring – and I do mean BORING – segment on how to lower the risks of getting breast cancer. Before I go any further, please remember this luncheon is for breast cancer SURVIVORS. This means they’ve already had breast cancer. And they had a speaker with the personality of a robot spend 30 minutes going over statistics and numbers and a bunch of facts everyone is already aware of (eat healthy, exercise, don’t be overweight, etc.) to lower the risks of getting breast cancer. This, to a bunch of people who have already had breast cancer? I thought this was tacky. I suppose if some of these survivors still have a breast intact and they weren’t aware of the risk factors, that would help?

    In the case of my sister and mother who have lost both breasts each to cancer, it was almost insulting. As my sister commented, “I almost felt like they were saying it was my fault I got cancer”. That just made me feel bad for her. I do understand the importance of education and knowledge but there’s a time and place. Or they could have shortened that segment and set up a healthcare cart or something with handouts for anyone wanting more information.

  • Fact – Oregon and Washington have the highest breast cancer rates in the country. No one knows why. It’s affected so many women I know, including my mother, sister, and even my grandmother on my biological father’s side. (The grandmother is not blood-related to me though since she adopted my biological father.) It turns out I’m a prime candidate to do the Sister Study because I’m the sister of someone who’s had breast cancer but I haven’t had it myself. I’m not sure I want to it though. It looks like they get pretty nosy wanting samples of my blood, urine, toenails (ick) and even the dust in my house. Weird. On the other hand, maybe it could help? I’m still thinking about it.
  • Song – Something I really missed at the luncheon was the song “What a Wonderful Day” by Tricia Walker. We all did. I have no idea why they did not sing this song and it really bugged me. More about that in another post.
  • Freebies – After the luncheon it’s fun to go down to the women’s expo to get some freebies. This year I came home with a baseball cap, 2 mesh caps for walking/running, pens, 3 different kinds of chips, some Luna bars, samples of Bob’s Red Mill Muesli, a memory book (photograph holder), a pretty pink scarf, and best of all; some dark chocolate.
  • I did enjoy the time with my mom and sister and that’s what matters. My sister and I even went on a little adventure when we went looking for the Starbucks. (Turned out there was one right in the building but we walked a block away to the other one, lol). I lost my meal ticket (which was my ticket back into the luncheon) but we found it 10 minutes later right on the bricks I left it on. That was a small miracle considering the ticket was a tiny piece of thin paper that wasn’t laminated or anything and could have easily blown away in the breeze.

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One thought on “Bullet Sunday #3 – Survivors

  1. Hi Tracie! I just wanted to send you this news story about the Sister Study. It seems like it’s not that invasive and like the investigators do all that they can to make sure that your information stays confidential and protected.


    Please let me know if you have any trouble opening the story!


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