My Sister

Have I mentioned here that my sister has/had breast cancer? I don’t even remember… if not, she had it and had the cancerous portion removed from her breast, which included her nipple. Then she had genetic testing done to determine if she carried the gene. If I did mention this already, sorry for the double mention.

The results from the testing are in and it was negative. That’s good… in a way. But it doesn’t mean she’s in the clear.

Based on the following reasons, she’s chosen to have a double masectomy:

1. The genetic testing it’s 100%. It only tests for what they know. “A negative test result doesn’t put you in the clear. You may still be at high risk of hereditary breast cancer if your family carries a high-risk gene mutation that hasn’t yet been identified. As a result, you and your family may still need more rigorous screening. The BRCA1 and BRCA2 genetic test can detect the majority of gene mutations, but it’s possible, if you receive a negative result, that the test was unable to detect your family’s gene mutation.”

2. Even with the negative test results, based on her young age and the family history of breast cancer (my mom having it at a young age too) her changes of a recurrence is 36%. That’s pretty high still.

She’s going to shoot for reconstruction at the same time. Keep her in your thoughts.

In house-buying news, we haven’t closed yet thanks to bullshit red tape and the like. Supposedly we’ll be done with this by Thursday. Gods help me I can’t take the stress! *freaks out*

Wasn’t this year supposed to be LESS stressful?

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