Mom & Bob

Please keep my family in your thoughts.

Yesterday while on the way to visit my Aunt in Crooked River Ranch (outside Bend, OR) Bob had a seizure while driving and the van he and my mom were in went off the road and into a ditch. Bob’s airbag deployed and he suffered only a couple broken ribs. My mother on the other hand did not have an airbag on her side and suffered a broken back. She is in St. Charles Hospital in Bend, OR. She is not paralyzed and is expected to recover, however, surgery to repair the damage is scheduled for tomorrow. She’s in an extreme amount of pain and we’re all very worried for her, Bob, and the whole situation that led up to this. They could use all the positive energy and vibes you can send.

Jack drove me to Bend to today to be with her. He could only stay a few hours with me, however, as he had to go home and collect the kids, and there is no way he could not go to work tomorrow. The big project he’s been working on is going live tomorrow (today now I guess). He *has* to be there. I don’t expect to be home till at least Wednesday so Jack’s on his own till then.

My brother and I are staying at my Aunt’s house in Crooked River Ranch (I’m posting this from their computer).

We’re hoping my mom can stay in Bend after the surgery. And when released we’re hoping she can stay with my aunt. She has a long road ahead of her.

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