Getting ready for spring

Had our first Barbeque of the year yesterday! Woohoo!

Had hot dogs and hamburgers. Got it done about 10 minutes before a huge rainstorm hit us. 🙂

Managed to get some grass seed spread over the backyard day before yesterday so the 2 days of rain on and off that we’ve had has been really welcome.

The kids see every square inch of yard in the back that doesn’t have grass on it as a fantastic spot to dig holes in with spoons from the kitchen, so getting grass to grow everywhere is critical this time of year. The dirt that’s pulled from the yard must of course be stored carefully all over the back porch.. so that it doesn’t get mixed in with other dirt and get lost.

One thought on “Getting ready for spring

  1. Loving the story about the yard! I can picture Cody and Casey squatting in the garden, spoons in hand, a bunch of dirty hot wheels driving over the burms they have created and down the trails they so carefully drew in the dirt. Will keep checking in to see how your site progresses!

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